About Mike...

"He's so great to work with. EASY, RELIABLE and he knows how to MAKE A CONFERENCE WORK!"

"Highly engaging, practical and fun!" Mike Symonds is a PLAYFUL and ENGAGING Corporate Conference MC and Interactive Speaker who will educate, inspire and entertain your delegates.

With over 15 years experience in 'Staff Engagement' - designing and delivering FUN TEAM BONDING EXPERIENCES , Mike's highly interactive and practical approach is guaranteed to leave you and your delegates INSPIRED, ENERGIZED and MOTIVATED to implement conference learnings straight away!

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Mike will...

Corporate Conference MC

Mike's understanding of business and people, combined with his creativity and quick wit helps create a conference which is engaging AND effective.

  • Professional and playful approach
  • Keeps conference flowing & consistent
  • Can assist with agenda development


Mike can deliver training content and facilitate group & panel discussions to help with re-inforcing key learnings and creating actionable steps.

  • Deliver training content
  • Facilitate discussion sessions
  • Generate actionable outcomes


Inject fun team activities at key moments throughout your conference. Mike is an expert at designing and delivering fun team activities to meet your objectives.

  • Build strong teams
  • Break the ice - help people interact
  • Energize delegates to boost engagement

Create a Conference Which Is...

  • Engaging - Information & Behaviour Change 'STICKS' when delegates senses are engaged, activated and enhanced - you're guaranteed a memorable conference.  
  • Connected - Getting staff together for an offsite is a great opportunity to bond teams, strengthen relationships and re-connect staff to organisational purpose and vision. 
  • Effective - Taking time out of the business for a conference is a big investment of time, resources and money. You want to make sure key messages are re-inforced, delegates motivated and improvements implemented back at work.

youth directionsweb

 Liz Wilkins, CEO, Youth Directions

"BIG THANKS! Staff loved the day and I believe it achieved fabulous results in building team spirit and getting everyone on board with the activities of the organisation as a whole. Your presentation skills and style were outstanding!!”

More About Mike...

Serious StuffMikeSymondsHeadShot

  • Over 25 years experience in performing, action-based learning, facilitating and team development
  • Expert in Team Bonding and Employee Engagement
  • Creator of Funergizers Staff Engagement Program
  • Accredited DiSC Behavioural Profiler
  • Delivered Team Bonding Programs and Facilitated Conferences for some of Australia's Largest (and smallest) Organisations

Other Stuff

  • First time on stage: was playing Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer in the Kindergarten Christmas Pageant - Although he fluffed his first line and was forced to wear red lipstick on his nose, he powered on to receive 'Best Performance' by a pre-schooler.
  • Mike's not a big fan of: cats, boot scooting or cats who boot scoot!
  • Most memorable moment: On his wedding night, being stuck in a broken dingy on Port Phillip Bay watching his wife's mobile phone fly through the air and slowly sink to the bottom of the bay, after having accidentally knocked it out of her hand with his elbow!!!

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