"We've done a lot of team bonding activities before, but that was the most fun we have ever had!" 

Cadbury Schweppes, Marketing Department Conference

Fun Team Bonding Activities

To Boost Energy, Build and Bond Your Teams!

Mike Symonds has been designing and delivering unique, fun and highly interactive team bonding activities for the past 20 years. His company Interactive Events were the first of it's kind to offer 'Fun' Team Building.

It was a hard sell in the early days with many clients saying "What do we need to have fun for!!!!!"

Today the benefits of fun in building and bonding teams is obvious.

Again Mike is taking a unique approach to helping you create the best experience by offering these programs as part of his MC work. Programs can be integrated into key moments of the day to help connect, energize and re-inforce key material.

Fun Team Bonding Activities Which Mike Can Deliver as an MC Include...


Conference Olympics

OfficeOlympicsLet the Games Begin

The 'Conference Olympics' is our most popular program for generating positive interaction, fun and energy.

Divided into different teams, participants compete against one another in a range of fun, easy games and activities. 

Great as a single run activity or best delivered throughout the day to lift energy at key moments. 

Trivia Game Show


Crazy, Madcapped, Fun

There's no boring trivia here - the focus is very much about fun, interaction and laughter.

There's no need to be a Rhode  Scholar as there is something for everyone - Use your observation skills, quick wit, assertiveness, creativity or logic to win points for your team.

Great activity to run as energizers throughout the day or perfect as a dinner event!

Mascot Leggo Drag Racer

MascotLeggoDragRacerThe Speed, the Adrenalin, the Laughter!

Watch your team revert back to one their greatest childhood loves - Leggo and making things up!

Provided with a range of items, craft pieces and 'junk', teams are required to build and construct a team Mascot and a 'Toy' Drag Racer. 

How do we determine who has the fastest 'Toy' Drag Racer? We have a race of course!

A great activity to incorporate into your day or over dinner!

Master Class Artist

MasterClassArtistThe Mess, The Mayhem, The Artwork

This is a wonderful activity which encourages people to let go, be creative and release a sense of playfulness. 

Teams are required to recreate a master piece onto a large canvas. Unfortunately we forgot to pack the brushes!

How will the paintings turn out? Will they be good enough to hang in your reception or more suited to being stuck on the family fridge.

Master Class Artist is fun and innovative and at times surprising.

Paparazzi Challenge

PaparazziChallengeFun Foto Scavenger Hunt

The Paparazzi Challenge Scavenger Hunt has teams racing to complete a range of dares and challenges and 'capturing' the 'evidence' on camera.

The 'Dares' are a range of fun, team based challenges which have elements of team work, community awareness, social engagement and pure sillyness!

Great for getting teams a little active, moving them from one location to another in a fun way or help starve off the post-lunch sleepies!

The Pitch

Lights, Camera...Action!

ThePitchThe Pitch is wonderful activity to help reinforce content, build and bond your teams and foster creativity within your workplace.

Teams are required to write, film and produce a 30 to 60 TV Commercial for the business.

The event will then culminate in a screening and awards ceremony later that day or over dinner.

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